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The Beauty of Barn Conversions

We’ve been spending some time admiring the stunning barn conversions that architects and homeowners are creating all over the world, and the range of styles and designs that are popular. In this blog we’re going to show three of our favourites, and hopefully inspire you into considering just how you’d make a barn conversion perfect…

Converted Bar in Bourgogne, France



In this beautiful conversion, interior designer Josephine Gintzburger has made the most of exposed timber and old stone to create a space that harmonises old and new. With a mix of textures, vintage pieces and contemporary design, a quirky character is added to the old barn. We adore the colour of the beams standing out against the blank walls.

Fergitz, Germany

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Berlin Architect Thomas Kröger has made impressive use of this old barn by turning it into holiday apartments for four people, as well as a main house that can be rented. The barn has a central hall and huge fireplace, and glazed walls supply an amazing view of the hall. The rooms are grouped on two levels, and, if wanted, the big barn doors can be opened to lead seamlessly from interior to outside.

Little has been done to the exterior of the building, where the thick stone walls, small windows upstairs and large wooden doors remain. Inside is where the real work has happened, with the entire interior being gutted and restructured.

Amagansett, New York


This is a more contemporary home, designed by a Finnish couple living in New York. The mid-20th-century summer house has been renovated and modelled after a potato barn, including fresh details such as hand painted walls and pure colour schemes.

Images from Trendland

At English Oak Buildings, we are experienced in converting barns into carefully considered living spaces of all styles – no matter what your desired outcome. Whether it’s using contemporary materials to create chic modern interiors, or remaining sensitive to the history of the building in order to restore it with a traditional approach, we can help.

We are adept at working with listed buildings as well as newer structures, and we understand the importance of retaining the charm and character of the existing property while also making it unique and personal. So whether it’s a rustic farmhouse filled with quirky charm, something that is historically accurate, or a blend of contemporary modern design and stylish beams, then contact us today.

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