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Barn Conversions are Booming

Ah, the barn conversion. Surely one of the most aspirational additions to a property that one can get. Perhaps you bought your plot because of the additional scope for altering existing buildings, or maybe there has been a barn on your land for a while and, for a long time, you’ve been considering what to do with it. The fact is, making key changes to a barn can dramatically increase not only your living quarters, but also the value of your home. Extra bedrooms, study space, or even a guest house – the opportunities are endless, and at English Oak Buildings we’ve helped to create some incredible opportunities.

And now, because of updated practice guidance, the increase of people being accepted for conversions has risen dramatically. Now could be the perfect time to consider a timber framed alteration.

According to an article on the Planning Resource website, published in October, figures from September of this year show that there has been a 31 per cent reduction in barn conversion refusal rates.

This infographic illustrates the rise of accepted proposals when it comes to residential permitted development:

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 12.13.39


Source: Planningresource.co.uk

New laws came into place in April 2014 that suggested it would be far easier to be accepted for planning permission. The increased relaxation rights allow for 460 sq m of outbuildings to be changed to residential use.

In Bath and North East Somerset, figures show that 76.67% of applications were refused by local planning authorities between April 2014 and June 2015. But there’s hope that now this number will continue to decrease.

At English Oak Buildings, we are adept at working with listed buildings as well as newer structures, and we understand the importance of retaining the charm and character of the existing property while also making it unique and personal. We work closely with you to establish exactly what is desired, whether it is a spacious family home, a communal area, a guest property or something more free-form. We also work alongside architects (or can recommend our own), and can help when it comes to applying for planning permission.

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