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Awkward Access? Plot Restrictions? We Can Help.

There are some occasions when a regular build or standard option just won’t cut it – whether it is because of awkward access, a small plot, or tricky planning constraints. These are the times that English Oak Buildings excels. Working closely with architects and the client, we can purpose-build frames that are ideal for whatever situation you might find yourself in.
One of these situations occurred recently when we were contacted by Mr and Mrs Black. They needed a garage next to their home – in fact, one side needed to be adjacent to their own house, and the other two sides were directly next to a neighbours boundary. A further issue was that the garage would be reached via an awkward access road, on a particularly difficult site that was not only tight but also sloped radically.

Still, while other companies might have flinched, at English Oak Buildings we took it all in our stride. With some careful surveying, we managed to produce a frame that sat perfectly in the site. The space also catered for large cars without being over-sized on the taller rear elevation of the garage.
So if you think you have an awkward slope, a tricky access road, or a tight spot to create a garage or outbuilding then never fear – get in contact with English Oak Buildings today.


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