‘Tis the season… to celebrate the loveliest Christmas decorations that are bringing seasonal style to your oak framed home!

It’s December and yes, we’re officially feeling festive everyone! Now’s about the time we crack out the Christmas tree and dust off those baubles (otherwise before you know it, you’re packing them back into boxes in the blink of an eye). In the seasonal spirit, we’ve gathered our favourite Christmas decorations to inspire you. So whether you’re already fabulously festive, or if you need a little nudge in the direction of sparkly lights, then take a look and get some ideas for your oak framed home!

Christmas decorations for outside:

Restoration Hardware

The Christmas spirit is best enjoyed when it begins before you even enter the house! We all love seeing a house glowing like a festive beacon, although granted there can be a fine line between twinkly and tacky. We’re more ‘understated glamour’ than blow-up reindeer (although we must say, every neighbourhood needs one!). That’s why we love these lights that wrap around simple tree branches and a plain wreath. Elegant, welcoming, and stylish.

Also if you have a pergola then it looks stunning to wind lights through it. Looks magical and also presents the ultimate winter wonderland effect as you’re approaching your home. Just don’t be surprised if you end up wanting to keep them there!

Thinking about getting a pergola? Read our blog here and check out our page about Garden Architecture.


Contemporary Christman Decorations


Want something fresh, chic and understated that still makes an impact? Minimal Christmas decor is becoming much more popular. It looks sophisticated while still adding that ‘winter wonderland’ appeal. What’s more, if you have a stunning oak frame, it looks great alongside the rich brown of the beams and lets the architecture shine.

White and silver decorations, cascading foil on the trees rather than tinsel, a simple wreath of twigs and little lights, and cream candles all add to this gorgeous effect.

Traditional Christmas style

Good Housekeeping

Let’s face it – there’s nothing quite like seeing a tree decked out in golds and reds to put us in the mood for Santa, mince pies, mulled wine and falling asleep with a mince pie in our hands. These traditional decorations look stunning in an oak framed room. If you’ve gone for a rustic farmhouse aesthetic then it marries perfectly with holly, mistletoe and fir tree wreaths – the greens look wonderful alongside oak beams. Add in some stockings hung above a roaring fire, and some shining baubles, and you’ll be getting gasps from all your visitors!

Christmas decorations for a dramatic room

Ideal Home

When jazzing up a dramatic room, it can sometimes be hard to make your decorations stand out. This might be because of a statement wall, or perhaps you’ve got a stunning open space and high ceilings. The trick is to use complementary colours rather than contrasting ones, so there isn’t a feeling of colour-clash. For example, if you have a statement wall of a primary colour, find decorations of a lighter or darker hue. Metallic accessories will also look fabulous, especially when reflecting light. Gold and silver always look good at Christmas! You can also opt for some alternative decorations – for example the golden effect leaves on the mantlepiece above. And if you’ve got a huge room with a massive ceiling? Make the most of the space and order the biggest tree you can!