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Direct Glazing

Direct glazing is the only way to successfully glaze a green oak frame building. This deceptively simple and stylish glazing system has been developed over more than a decade, specifically for our timber frames.

The basis of the system is that glass is held in position outside of the frame by joinery-quality, seasoned oak cover boards. The system allows the maximum amount of light in through the openings in the oak frame while assuring that there is no ingress of water.

Our direct glazing system is guaranteed for 25 years and, critically, includes the installation as well as the double or triple glazed units.

Structurally Insulated panels (sip’s)

Insulation is key to reducing high energy bills, since air leakage is the premier reason for heat loss in most houses tested. This is an element we incorporate into our oak frame builds, with the use of our own custom made Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s).

We have been producing our own custom made SIP’s for over 10 years – longer than any other oak frame manufacturer in the UK. The SIP’s panels are fixed around the outside of our timber frames and control the flow of heat, air & sound.

As a standard, our panels are constructed from 145x47mm C24 softwood studwork, sheathed in OSB3 boarding, wrapped in breathable membrane and counter-battened, ready to receive your chosen external finish. These panels are insulated with 120mm PIR insulation as standard, which allows for a service gap (electrics and plumbing). Additional insulation can be added internally for even greater U-values.

Warm roof build-up

One of the wonderful things about an oak framed building is the roof, with their high vaulted ceilings exposing the structural timbers. In order to gain sufficient insulation U-Values, we must therefore insulate above these rafters (as opposed to between them, as is done with softwood).

The biggest problem with this method, is how one decorates the ceiling. Plastering & painting are time consuming practices, and once the oak has dried – there is a risk it will expose un-finished sections. Alternatively, if you paint the boarding first, you might “scuff” the finish, meaning it needs patching up afterwards. Either ideal scenarios.

We at English Oak Buildings have developed a method of using pre-finished Meyer board (which does not scuff & is also fire retardent), installed over the oak rafters with subsequent layers of 150mm (2 x 75mm for improved U-value) PIR solid board insulation. The joints between the boards taped with aluminium foil tape & held down with 50x25mm treated counter-battens.

We can also switch in timber sarking, for the Meyer board, which gives a more traditional finish.

external cladding

Our frames are compatible with all types of cladding. The oak frame &/or SIP’s provide a superstructure on to which you can fix any material you wish – from any number of species of timber, to rendered finishes such as stone or brick.

When it comes to timber cladding – you have a variety of choices and profiles. We generally reccommend using the three major types available in the UK – oak, larch or cedar. Each can be cut to a desired profile, installed both horizontally and vertically. They are all durable to weathering, and over time will oxidise similarly, giving you a beautiful finish.

As well as leaving your cladding to age & “silver” naturally, there are other options available -including staining, scorching(!) and painting the timber.

Our timber cladding is always fitted using stainless steel fxings……

glulam beams

Widely used in the industry as an alternative to steel, due to their structural stablility – Laminated Beams (GluLam) are being used more & more as building features themselves. They can span longer lengths then standard timber beams, as they do not move or shake (split/crack), due to the fact we use kiln dried timber, which has a very low misture content.

Using our own custom made press, we use a phenol resourcinol adhesive resin to glue 25mm thick kiln dried timbers together, to create a larger beam. After 24 hours, we then plane the beam to form an even finish. This beam can then be traditionally morticed & tenoned, bolted or used like any other timber.

We generally use Glu-Lam beams above bi-fold doors for structural stability, however have also designed them into more contemporary buildings.  


Although we are unable to offer a general roofing service, we are pleased to offer oak/cedar shingles & shakes. These versatile finishes offer a sustainable, efficient & beautiful roof.

You can even use them to clad walls!


doors & joinery

As well as our main portfolio of works, we can also design and build “brace & ledge” doors for outbuildings, such as garages & sheds. These high quality doors are fabricated using air dried oak, and are a beautiful finish to an oak framed structure. As well as doors we can also build staircase (both internal & external)….

We are proud of our wide range of Projects