English Oak Buildings’ specialist Direct Glazing System has been developed for over 20 years, and is more advanced than any other available for the glazing of green oak frames.

We are so confident in our system, that we are proud to offer a guarantee of 15 years for our direct glazing, which crucially includes the installation as well as the double/triple glazed units.

The basis of the system is that the glass units are held in position outside of the main frame by joinery-quality, seasoned oak cover boards. The system allows the maximum amount of light in through the openings in the oak frame while assuring that there is no ingress of water.

The framing timbers we select for the areas to be glazed are graded to be as straight grained and knot free as possible to reduce the amount of movement seen in the timber as it dries out. This is a higher grade than framing timber and is known semi officially as “glazing quality”. For this reason, we only glaze our own oak frames, as we can trace the quality and workmanship.

We believe we are the leaders in our field. We are confident in our materials and techniques, but we are continuously looking to improve. We have imitators but none that understands as well as us what is required, have our level of detailing and are actively pursuing a policy of constant development. We welcome and encourage all feedback, good and bad, as we can only improve by being informed.

Key Features of English Oak Buildings Glazing System

The entire structural oak frame is clad (encapsulated) to protect the frame and provide a continuous waterproof seal.

The Insulated Glazing Unit (IGU) are ‘floating’ to allow for movement of the frame.

All weather seals are EPDM rubber to provide longevity and allow for movement. No silicon or other mastic’s are used, which can degrade or tear.

Drainage is built into the system extending the life of the IGU’s.

All joinery is incorporated into the system, improving performance and the aesthetics of the installation.

Installations are undertaken by skilled and trained carpenters who understand their craft, thus guaranteeing performance and aesthetics.

We have also removed the need for the stepped IGU on walls (it is still used on roof installations). This has reduced the cost of the double glazed panel, lessened the risk of glass breakage and tidied up the visual effects of the installation.

We are proud of our wide range of Projects