Direct Glazing System

Green oak timber-framing has undergone a renaissance in the last forty years and has gone from an almost forgotten skill to becoming a thriving industry. The use of this most traditional of building techniques as a contemporary building style has resulted in a new look to modern buildings.

Contemporary architecture has a big emphasis on natural light and on connecting internal living spaces with the outdoors, and so new systems have had to be developed within the oak framing industry to include large expanses of glass and joinery.

One of the biggest challenges for oak framers is the application of glass/joinery to the green oak frame, which can take many years to fully dry and season. As a green oak frame drys it can move/twist/shrink (although every effort is taken when designing/fabricating to minimize said affects), which when paired with more stable elements such as glass, can cause problems. For this reason, the standard glazing practice of mounting glass between two silicone beading surrounds, is not appropriate.

That is why Black Pig Frame Finishes Ltd developed – over the last twenty years – the most advanced, award winning, direct glazing system in our industry; known as the Black Pig Glazing SystemWhen Black Pig made the difficult decision to stop trading, they instinctively knew that we (English Oak Buildings) were the best company to carry on their work. Both companies have worked together for over 15 years and so English Oak Buildings are more than equipped with the skills required to successfully carry forward the Black Pig Glazing System to the high standards that have been achieved over the years. 

This is why they sold their glazing system – exclusively – to English Oak Buildings, along with an extensive training program and support.

The basis of the system is that the glass units are held in position outside of the main frame by joinery, using quality – seasoned oak – cover boards. The system allows the maximum amount of light in through the openings in the oak frame, assuring that there is no ingress of water, whilst allowing the frame to move. One of the great benefits of this approach is that all of the frame is visible from the inside – why pay a premium for a solid oak frame and then lose half of it in the glazing build up!?

We are so confident in the award winning Black Pig Glazing System, that we are proud to offer a guarantee of 15 years for our direct glazing, which also includes the installation as well as the glazing.

We do not claim to have developed the original direct glazing method glazing; however we did take the existing face applied format and started to develop the idea further. Our development of the Black Pig Glazing System has improved upon a number of weaknesses of it’s forerunners (which rely upon silicone to keep out the elements, and is still used by many of our competitors today) and is more advanced than any other system available.

The award winning Black Pig Glazing System has been used on over 250+ completed projects, and we are confident in our materials and techniques. We have imitators but none that understands as well as us what is required, and have our level of detailing or are actively pursuing a policy of constant development.We believe we are the leaders in our field. We welcome and encourage all feedback, as we can only improve by being informed.

Key Features of the Black Pig 

Glazing System

Frame Protection

The entire structural oak frame is clad (encapsulated) to protect the frame and provide a continuous waterproof seal.

Floating Glazing Units

The Insulated Glazing Unit (IGU) are ‘floating’ to allow for movement of the frame.

EDPM rubber Weather Seals

All weather seals are EPDM rubber to provide longevity and allow for movement. No silicon or other mastic's are used, which can degrade or tear.

Reduce Solar Gain

IGU centre of glass u-value of 1.1 w/m2k (which can be brought down to 0.6 w/m2k), with toughened solar control glass to help reduce any excessive solar gain.

Extended Life

Drainage is built into the system extending the life of the IGU’s.

Improved Performance & Aesthetics

All joinery is incorporated into the system, improving performance and the aesthetics of the installation.

Skilled Carpenters

Installations are undertaken by skilled and trained carpenters who understand their craft, thus guaranteeing performance and aesthetics.

Improved Efficiency

We have also removed the need for the stepped IGU on walls (it is still used on roof installations). This has reduced the cost of the double glazed panel, lessened the risk of glass breakage and tidied up the visual effects of the installation.

Maximum Quality

Highest quality European kiln/air dried joinery grade oak cover boards (re-sawn finish) used, with stainless steel screws/flashing.

Black Pig 

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