Design & Planning

3D Concept illustrations

After our initial consultation, we will start working on your oak frame scheme. Your frame will be designed so that it is not only aesthetically beautiful, but technically and structurally planned out.

Our designers all started their careers working “on the tools”, and it is this first-hand experience which sets us apart from others. They understand the fundamental factors involved in oak timber framing; the use of specific joints, how the timber moves, the constraints of a framed structure – ensuring accurate quotations and designs from the start.

We are able to work from professional drawings, collaborating with architects and project managers to translate their ideas. The complexity of timber framing and the different types of trusses and cross frames on offer, mean that we can often offer aesthetically pleasing alternatives to standard building practices.

Our concept schemes are produced using specialist CAD software, creating scaled 3D models. These drawings not only help you visualize your build, but also aid in the quoting process, allowing us to save on timber wastage and specify joint types.

Planning Permission

Although each local authority has different rules in regards to planning, they generally all follow those outlined by the Government on the Planning Portal website and so it is good to familiarise oneself with these if considering a building project.

In order to simplify the planning process, we now offer a full planning application service – covering both ‘Outline Planning Permission’ (OPP) and ‘Full Planning Permission’ (FPP). Once a concept design has been agreed upon, we will produce 2D elevation plans of the structure. We can then submit and monitor the application, making amendments where required.

The benefits of obtaining planning through us is that we are experts in our field. We can offer solutions to any planning objections quickly, meaning fewer delays for you as the client.

Technical and Construction plans

Once commissioned, our design team will produce technical construction plans for our carpentry team to fabricate the oak frame, allowing them to accurately scribe and cut the timbers by hand. We will also produce drawings to precisely build any Structurally Insulated Panel System (SIPS) or other services we are providing, ensuring high u-values and efficient encapsulation of the structure.

One of the reasons our frames are so beautiful is our attention to detail. We work off accurate scaled drawings, showing every dimension, angle and joint type. Each section of the build has an individual drawing, which not only shows an overview of the structure, but also details each specific joint.

Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, our experienced designers are able to produce construction drawings that are millimetre perfect and individual to each project.

Building Regulations and Engineering

In order to confirm your building’s structural integrity, we must submit drawings to an external engineer. They need to calculate a variety of aspects in order to verify that the frame meets the necessary standards, including timber sizes, spanning lengths and joint types. Due to the experience of our designers, we generally do not need to make many amendments, which often leads to a speedier turnaround.

Many clients then use these drawings to confirm Building Regulations with the relevant authorities. Building Regulations set standards for the construction process, including; safety, services and durability. Please note that Building Regulations are different from Planning Permission, and you might need both depending on your local authority.

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