Architects & Contractors

We have the privilege of collaborating with a variety of architects and contractors from all over the country, encompassing their alternative styles and expertise.

Oak timber framing is a specialist field, where experience is key in order to successfully design structures. Understanding how the oak will react to different strains, its movement over time and what joints are required, takes hands-on-experience to learn. This is why we are often approached by leading architects to advise and translate their ideas into reality and visualise their key design specifications within the oak framing template.

We are pleased to offer a free consultation service on your specific frame design. We can discuss the structure and your design brief, giving advice on how to improve the frame design, both structurally and aesthetically, and ways of reducing costs. Having early discussions at this stage avoids commissioning structural engineers at the start, meaning that you can make any required adjustments beforehand.

We not only offer fully complete frames, but can supply various sections, including roof trusses, glazed screens and floor beams/joists, etc. Alongside our oak frames, we can also provide encapsulation systems such as our custom-made Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS), pre-finished warm roof build-up and glazing.

With all our services, we pride ourselves on liaising clearly with not only our clients, but also architects, project managers and contractors alike. We will have early & regular meetings with the various parties, clearly communicating what is required, and any alterations made, including drawings/specifications updated by ourselves.

We are always keen to work with new businesses, so please get in contact if you have a project/idea in mind.

We are proud of our wide range of Projects