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Adding Value To Your Home with Oak – Part 1

In a new series, we discuss ways in which you can increase the value of your home with the help of English Oak Buildings and a green oak frame. You might be specifically looking for an investment opportunity, or simply want to incorporate a self-build aspect into your property and think it’s a wise idea to make it financially sound for the future – we’re here to impart some knowledge.

Firstly, we know that not everyone is lucky enough to be building their own property just yet. Perhaps you are looking for your perfect plot, or are still deciding on the scope of your project. Perhaps you love the house you are already in, but want to add a stunning piece of oak architecture. There are many reasons to build with oak – its aesthetic beauty, its positive environmental impact, its ability to save on energy bills in the long run. And here are some ways that it can also add value to your property as a whole:

An Oak Extension

Quality improvements can add a huge amount of value to your home, and naturally an oak extension is a sure fire way of making people take notice. The joy of a green oak extension is that it looks fabulous alongside other materials such as stone and brick, and can be erected on site quickly, after being built in our workshop. You can opt for either a contemporary or traditional look – see for example Warren Coach House, where a beautifully proportioned extension doubles the size of an already lovely stone built coach house. Here are some ways in which an extension can be utilised in adding value to your property.


Bedrooms: A huge amount of value is attached to how many bedrooms a property has, and the addition of one will, in most cases, add to sale price (although make sure to check the ceiling value of your street.) If you’re adding a fabulous new oak extension then it’s important to ensure there is no dead space and the room is integrated into the main house – both for aesthetic and cost purposes, as well as the fact you need to make sure it’s fully insulated so little cold-bridging occurs.

Statement kitchen: They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and surveys suggest it’s the first room people want to see when thinking about buying a house. Therefore, ensuring yours stands out to fabulous effect is a way of adding a significant value. Expanding your kitchen, and creating a wow factor with statement features such as a stunning vaulted ceiling, will reflect well on the whole property.


Home office or study: With many people working from home these days, the demand for home offices and studies has grown immensely. Having a quiet corner of the house, or even a separate annex that can be used for home business purposes, can create a huge draw for those looking to invest in a property.

Garden Rooms: The natural beauty of oak makes it the perfect material with which to construct oak frame garden rooms, and our ability to build to a variety of briefs and budgets mean the result is a unique space full of character. By incorporating large areas of glazing then it creates a room that is connected to the garden or grounds in which it is set, and adding sets of double doors or banks of sliding-folding doors will further this connection. These beautiful additions are highly aspirational and appealing to would-be home buyers.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog in the series, where we’ll discuss the benefits of luxury features, utilising small plots to best effect, and the draw of garages. 


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