Garden rooms are beautiful features of any property – they can either be incorporated into the design of a new build, or added to existing houses in a seamless and attractive fashion. They offer extra space, a place of reflection, and an opportunity to appreciate the grounds of your home.

We find it is a common desire that garden rooms have lots of light and ample windows to appreciate the view.

A great way of allowing light to flood the room is by incorporating GRP, also known as Glass Reinforced Polyester or Fibreglass. In an example of a garden room we created for Yates, we utilised a GRP roof that is almost flat so the roof line of the original cottage remained untouched by the new addition. It also means it maximises the opportunity for light. In fact, every elevation on this garden room extension in Yates is glazed.

Yates Green oak frame garden room conservatory, Wales 2It still retains the classic traditional oak frame, but the inclusion of Fibreglass allows for a strong  roof that also captures light.


With Hartley Farm we created a glazed green oak garden room with a balcony on the roof and a large green oak pergola to one side. The balcony can be accessed both from the first floor of the house and via a bespoke oak stairway from the patio under the pergola, making for a unique and impressive addition to the home.

Green oak frame sunroom, conservatory, dinning room with glazing

So if you have an idea for your perfect garden room, or would like to hire our services to create a bespoke addition to your property, then get in contact today!