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Add some impressive oak to your garden

We’ve discussed how oak can furnish a room, and how it can enhance the aesthetics of a beautiful existing build, but how about the wonderful opportunities it allows for the garden?

Whether the intention is to add some glorious character to your property, or perhaps to present a unique and wonderful gift to a loved one, then we are on hand to help create a bespoke piece of garden architecture, tailored to your specifications.

Do you have a lovely period home with rolling lawns and thickets of trees? How about designing your own Folly. These are ornamental buildings that came to popularity in the 18th century, and offer a chance to add some interest and allure to your property.

Or perhaps your land has been created with the art of Japanese Zen garden in mind, and would look sensational with the addition of a bespoke bridge. We were asked to design this one as an anniversary gift, with the intention of evoking the Far East.

Oak-Bridge-and-oak-framed-cropped-754x424Whatever your preference or vision, then get into contact, and we can discuss how to add some oak allure to your garden.


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