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Add some character to your property

One of the main reasons people choose to use green oak in their home is that the timber frame adds a unique character to a property that can’t be replicated anywhere else. Those who think that new or self-builds lack history and therefore personality couldn’t be more wrong.

Board-and-Muntin-panelIn this example you can see a dividing wall that perfectly complements the flagstone flooring and other natural materials of the property. The rooms were divided using one of two traditional methods: Board & Muntin walls of solid oak or plastered infill panels set within the oak frame. The owners of Meadow Cottage wanted a traditional frame within the stone facade of their property, and you can see what a stunning effect the wooden walls have to create a real charm.

Similarly in this image of the lounge, the ceiling rafters look great with the cream plastered walls and large fireplace. It creates a real sense of cosiness and cottage-appeal to the whole property.

An this equally works for the exterior of a building. Warren Coach House had a beautifully proportioned extension added to double the size of the stone built coach house. The subtle contrast in materials works well and will only get better over time as the cladding mellows to a silver grey.

So whether considering an extension or a new build, ask us about green oak frames to add some character and beauty to your home.


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