According to a new survey from, the most desired property for Brits to live in is the Georgian detached house. That’s right – move aside swanky Mayfair flats and rustic country cottages – almost one in four people in the UK (23%) want to live in a Georgian detached house, estimated era 1714-1830.

However, second on the list was a new build, with 15% of people saying this would be their ideal living situation. Could this be a result of self-builders wanting to construct their own bespoke home? And is there a way of combining elements from both properties to create an oak-framed self-build property that also has the appeal of a Georgian detached manor-esque home?

First it’s key to look at the popularity of these properties. Naturally Jane Austen adaptations show them in gorgeous light – the distinctive block stone architecture, columned porch and possibility that, due to its historical significance, it might be listed.

The fact these properties are detached, situated in their own plot of land, is a huge draw – and one of the huge benefits of creating your own oak-framed self-build property. By purchasing your plot of land first, you can then decide on the distinctive style and size of your home. Also it means more opportunities to spread out and expand – a benefit of self-builds which trump Georgian detached properties, as being listed can inhibit extensions, refurbishments, and cause financial difficulties in the future.

So what about the classic elegance of the Georgian property? A defining characteristic is the block shape and the building material of brick or stone – often it would have been local, as transporting these materials before rail travel was difficult. However, these days you can easily achieve this lovely effect even with a green oak frame – simply ask us about cladding.

See for example Meadow Cottage (below) – since they were keen to have a very traditional-looking oak frame whilst retaining the stone facade to the property, they used stone cladding to continue this stunning effect.


Another key feature is the porch – a detached Georgian property would usually have a square entrance with distinguishing features such as columns, which would then lead directly into a large hall. With a self-build this can be easily achieved, as well as the sweeping drive in front, and the outhouses and garages set further back.

The ‘classicism’ element of Georgian detached properties meant that tall windows were also popular, and this is one of the other benefits of an oak frame and the use of SIPS panels and glazing – large portions of the frame can be given over to windows that allow light to flood into the building.

So there we have it – a succession of ways in which your green oak frame property can have all the benefits of a bespoke self-build, and yet still retain the beauty of a Georgian home that so many aspire to. Want to know more? Contact us today!