There’s no doubt about it – creating a green oak frame is a craft. In this day and age, when machine-produced, flat-pack furniture is everywhere, and you can even buy identikit ready-made houses, then carpentry is a skill that we are endeavouring to keep alive.

That’s one of the joys of an oak framed self-build from English Oak Buildings – it’s exactly that. A home built and designed specifically to your needs and desires; a one of a kind piece of architecture that you can truly say is unique. It starts with the design and planning process, right on through to where your frame is made by hand in our workshop, using the traditional and precise technique called the ‘Scribe Rule’. We cut the individual pieces of timber on our workshop floor, and then finally the frame-raising happens on site – this is all the craftsmanship that we’re proud of.

So proud, in fact, that we want to help inspire and teach the younger generation of the importance of the art of carpentry. It was fabulous to recently host a trip of carpentry students from Bath College, who came to our Claverton workshop to learn more. They got the chance to use the circular saw, see a completed garage that the team have been working on, and Rory showed them a few traditional tools and joints. For those who don’t know, at English Oak Buildings, we pride ourselves on still using the craftsmanship of heritage joinery methods. Our carpenters lay out and mark up each individual piece of timber above a life-size drawing chalked onto the floor, creating a specific match between pieces. The joints are then cut by hand and pre-drilled so they can be fixed together on-site using oak pegs. Every timber in the frame has a carpenter’s mark indicating its exact location within the scheme as a whole. Read more about Working with Green Oak here.

Hopefully we inspired a few young minds, and what you see here are the carpenters of the future!

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